Today the big day ! ~ Olympic ceremony

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I don't pay attention to it anymore. I haven't for years. With all the illegal doping going on, and

professional athletes being allowed into the games, the spirit of the games has gone downhill fast.

Plus, it's like everything else, it has become to commercialized. The commericals, banners and

even the uniforms........You can't watch it for all the commercialism. Too many commercials in

this world as it is. That's why I bought an XM satellite receiver, so I could at least get away from

the commercials for a while :cool:


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gogo athens 04 (must say the main stadium dont impress me one bit)

gogo australian swimming (AUS vs USA << cant wait)

gogo AUS cycling (we all love vitamins ~ i eat vitamins everyday :) )

gogo 3.30am (GMT + 10 syd time) openining late :sleep:

gogo cheaters (u ruin the game)

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:p Awesome News, its about time, the Sydney Games were off majorly, Time Zones had folks staying up all night to watch the events. Hopefully the Athens Games will be better. Im Excited, still think the '96 Games were the best....because I was in Atlanta during that time. :p

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Yeah. Channel Seven is screening a re-run of the Sydney 2000 opening ceremeny now, as I am watching right now this momont.

I am looking forward to the Athens 2004's opening cermeny which is about 1 hour from now my time.

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