Martial Arts at the Olympics

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yeh the WTF TKD is on from 26th to 29th i think

Sweet, I actually have a tourament on the 28th. I also study WTF. Maybe I can learn some tips from the pros. :ninja:

Were you talking about my Avatar? Thanks, I made it after I joined. If you like my avatar here is the desktop I made for myself. :D


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hehe nice wallpaper man

yeh no tbh I actually used to study ITF (blue-red tip I graded to (3rd kup i think))

now I study Kung-Fu (Longfist and White Crane) and TaiJi

Im too old to kick like that all the time nowadays :D

good luck in your tournament - the only advise i cud give (and i aint the best at sparring hehe) is try not to 'telegraph' your kicks

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