[NFL] Prime Time to return?

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He is even consulting with MJ...


Deion Sanders is "definitely" going to play football with the Baltimore Ravens this season and he has gone so far as to seek counsel from former NBA superstar Michael Jordan, according to a source close to Sanders.

"Michael Jordan made it simple for Deion: 'If [playing]is sitll in your heart, go do it,' " the source said.

Jordan made two such comebacks: the first upon returning to the Chicago Bulls in 1994 after trying his hand at professional baseball, and the second when he came out of retirement in 2002 to play for the Washington Wizards. Jordan retired for good following the 2003 season, when the Wizards failed to make the NBA playoffs.

Sanders is training hard at his home in Dallas, where he has built his own football field -- originally designed for his son.

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Probably for the money. lol


i am still ****ed that he pussied out on his contract with the skins a few years ago.

i bet he would want to be there now.

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Heh, not like he's actually gonna make that much a positive difference. The guy's aged + hasn't had any action in years. Why would anyone in Baltimore be happy about this?

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Not surprising that with Dion's ego that he wants to make headlines again.  :p  Does anyone here still believe that he has "it".

Sure, he's still in very good shape and the Ravens defense is arguably the best in the NFL. He will fit in nicely since their defense is already top notch full of good players. He won't be singled out since he has some support around him.

Also, he will help them in their return game.

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