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The Olympics certainly have given us a lot to cheer about, and there have been many suprises already.

As you may know, not everyone is getting to see the games live. These games, in particular to the United States, are rebroadcast during primetime.

Please do not place in the title of your Olympic thread the result of a particular contest, as some people would like to watch the outcomes on TV. As in other threads, please use the word 'Spoiler" if you must comment about the results immediately following the event. As a day goes by, and the event is public knowledge to all, I will edit the titles, removing the word 'Spolier'

Thanks for your help in this effort!

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I would just like to laugh at my country because we only have one medal!! :laugh: lol@ canada!

We now have 3 medals and the reason Canada isn't doing too great is because we have poor funding

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