[HOWTO] Mounting USB storage devices.

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Zerosleep    0

#This is one of the more simple howto's. All the credit for this should go to markjensen.

1. Create a spot for it in /mnt. ie: /mnt/usbdrive The name isn't really important, just make sure you can tell what it is.

2. su to root and "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdrive".

If that doesn't work. Do a "dmesg", and see what it comes up as. ie: sda: sda1 or sdb: sdb1.

That is all. Post any errors you may get here.

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markjensen    108

And, if a user wants, they can make things easier on themselves by adding an entry to their /etc/fstab, like this:

/dev/sda1   /mnt/usbdrive   auto   rw,users   0 0

This will allow any unpriveleged user on the computer to use a mount /mnt/usbdrive to get read and write access to the device.

Just make sure you use umount /mnt/usbdrive to unmount the device before removing it. ;)

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dewy    2

Not all people will have the usb-storage module loaded which is needed for this so if you get any erros try this (in a Terminal):

modprobe usb-storage

Or in Fedora:

/sbin/modprobe usb-storage

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nexx    0

May I also suggest using the sync option when mounting. Just a personal preference :)

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MulletRobZ    2

Fedora Core 3 detects USB sticks and most other devices almost immediately, and that's without any external configuration! ;)

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