Olympics expels Fencing Judges...

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Olympics: Fencing referee expelled


ATHENS - Fencing chiefs expelled a Hungarian referee from the Olympics and banned him for two years yesterday after he mis-scored the men's team foil final and possibly cost China the gold medal.

Joszef Hidasi wrongly awarded winners Italy six points instead of China, who went on to lose 45-42 in the gold medal decider, said Jochen Faerber, spokesman for the world governing body FIE.

It was the second case of a points error involving medals at the Olympics. Errors in gymnastics scoring cost South Korea's Yang Tae-young a gold, which went to American Paul Hamm.

Faerber would not speculate on whether the mis-marking cost China the fencing gold, since Italy could have changed their tactics during the final to accommodate the marking.

The FIE would not reallocate the medals and would not conduct an investigation. "Why? If we ask him if he took money and he says not, what can we do?

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the marking at the olympics is a right farce. like the judges giving the russian guy in gymnastics a crappy score today, the crowd made it pretty clear what they thought of the score :p

boooooooooooooooooooooooo ^_<

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Fencing? correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a point a point.

But judged sports!!!!!

I think they should be banned!!!!

Sport PPHHHAA!!!

More like popularity contests. :crazy:

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