[NFL] Week 1 injuries

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rattay, out:


galloway, out:


alexander, day to day:


rogers, out for season:


smith, out:


that is just a few. rogers hurts the worst imo!

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Yeah, that has to suck, hopefully next year he won't have that problem.

Smith out for Carolina is probably the worst for a team, he was their deep threat, they could pratically stack the line against their run game now.

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I couldnt believe that crap with Steve Smith...

The funny thing is, I got ESPN NFL2k5 and in week two I lost both Smith and Muhammed...

I hope this game doesnt imitate the season... except for the fact I went 15-1 :p

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Im liking the injury report Toxikk, ha Boogs got screwed with Rogers yet he almost hit 300 points.

we here at neowin sports? do our best to please our valued members.

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