[NHL] Lockout: How long will it last?

How long will the lockout last?  

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  1. 1. How long will the lockout last?

    • A quarter of this season.
    • Half of this season.
    • Most of this season.
    • All of this season.
    • All of this season and part of the next.
    • Two full seasons.
    • The NHL will never resume play.
    • I don't like hockey but I want to vote anyway.

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All season.

I really don't hope it last that long. But that looks like where it gonna go.

Figures the only sport I like and watch regulary and it's not gonna be around this year.

Gonna be one long winter that's for sure. :(

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i say most of this season and if it's late into the season they might as well cancel the season. :crazy:

I guess i'll have to setup NHL 2004/2005 PC game and hook it up to my TV and watch that :whistle:

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Put full season. Its turned into a business rather then a league that plays hockey. I'm sorry to yanks, but its too americanized now meaning they totally sold out. I think a salary cap is a great idea, but i'd like to make it per player rather than per team. Ticket prices should also be capped. No fun when only season ticket holders are corporations and you blow hundreds in a single night, Personally i think $30 tickets are more than enough, but should be reflective in players salaries.

What's really sad is that tenesee, texas, florida, north carolina, arizona, and other southern states have a team while winnepeg and quebec city doesn't. Even minnesota lost theirs, and they love hockey.

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No matter what happens, this sucks. :cry:

I play hockey - i watch hockey - i follow hockey. Lets hope they get their act together and put some sort of season out there.

Hockey players seemed to be the only players in the 4 major sports that weren't stuck-up cocky ***holes. Now look whats happening.

If i was in the NHL, i'd play for minimum wage. For free even! Just play!

*note: i didn't vote, not really sure*

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