[UK Football] Season So Far

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Whats your thoughts on the football season so far....i think chelsea will do better as the season progresses and a man utd table increase is on the cards very soon... :cool:


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As much as is pains me to say it I think Arsenal will win the title again. The only hope the other teams have is if a couple of their main players get injuries at the same time or they have a REALLY bad run (their lucks going to run out soon).

I think Man U will finish second, they are starting to get their big players back from injury and suspension. The addition of Rooney (hat-trick on his debut :D) will be a major plus point, as is Rio Ferdinands return from his 7 month ban. Hopefully with Rooney and Ruud banging the goals in and Rio bringing some stability to the back then they have a good chance of pushing Arsenal right to the wire.

I think Chelsea will finish a close third. Reason I say this is although they have a team/squad which costs over ?130 million they are only winning by the odd goal. I think it could come down to goal difference for 2nd/third spot.

Bolton have really surprised me with their good start to the season.

I think Liverpool will get the last Champions League spot as Newcastle are too far back to make the ground up.

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i think aresenal will NOT win again, someone will knock them, someone like portsmouth, Charlton , Aston villa, bolton, man utd, chealsea.

At some point i think one of these teams will win. Remember Portsmouth nearly won there first match with arsenal last season if arsenal never won that so called pen.

but i don't think they can hang on to it, still i don't think it is better then Man Utd Treable win :D

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