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Sorry.... Can't post it.. Put someones wall on top of royal gradiant.. :) Walla!! Instant nice looking wall... :)

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Wallpaper : Mix of Aqua Matrix and Media Center / Longhorn Blue (Photoshop :: Opacity ~30%)

VS : Personal Watercolor MOD, the only theme that I have been using in the last few years.

I remember back in the Whistler/XP beta days, I was really hoping that MS would stick to Watercolor.

Other Utilities : Y'z Dock, TClock Light, CoolMon, CursorXP,

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Just had to try out the latest big thing here (probably going back to HmmXP in a couple of hours tho)...

VS: Royale Inspirat by Stefanka (changed the fonts to Segoe UI)

Wall: Waterdrops on blue by ? (changed the hue to green)

Icons/pngs: Matrix Rebooted by Dave Brasgalla (Illegal Minidiscs (downloads folder) and Recycle Bin)

Progs: Samurize (Aeroesque config by me), Rainlendar (Aero config by me), AveDesk (see pngs above), MirandaIM (TweakUI plugin), Firefox (hills theme), WindowFX (AeroLong by nody and pAntoni)


(56k'ers beware! ss is 1,4MB!)

btw, I'd want that dlanham VS to be released - meh likes teh green! :yes:

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