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"Sosa arrived 70 minutes before Sunday's first pitch, and he apparently left 15 minutes after the first pitch without putting on his uniform, according to security cameras in the team's parking lot. Sosa told the Chicago Sun-Times he was in the clubhouse until the seventh inning and also said he was tired of manager Dusty Baker blaming him for the Cubs' failures.

The Chicago Tribune reported the fine is the largest in Cubs history, but the team had no plans to suspend Sosa.

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Complete Playoff Schedule"It's certainly inexcusable for him not be at the ballpark and not dressed with his teammates," general manager Jim Hendry said.

The episode, following an injury-plagued season in which Sosa batted just .253 with 35 homers and 85 RBIs, has led to speculation the Cubs will try to trade him.

Sosa is to make $17 million next season and the club has an $18 million option for 2006 with a $4.5 million buyout. If Sosa is traded, his 2006 contract becomes guaranteed and a 2007 club option is added at $19 million with a $4.5 million buyout. "

Source: Sosa fined $87,400

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Sosa plans sign NY Yankees for the next season.  :yes:

Papers said that could be a possibility, but thats still a boatload of a contract. They'd be paying about $35 million for him to play his first year. I know the Yankees have the money, but thats damn expensive for an inconsistent guy like Sosa.

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Sosa plans sign NY Yankees for the next season. :yes:

Ha take him......suckers

Sosa is a stupid moron who ruined his career by being a litlle puss at the plate after Soloman Torres plunked him in the head in 2003(he now bats about 5 feet from the plate on the edge of the batters box, allowing any pitcher to strike him out with an outside pitch)

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