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How to: Install Microsoft SUS on Windows XP (Pro)


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Microsoft's Software Update Services is a Patch Management application from Microsoft that creates a web in Internet Information Services (IIS) that will allow Windows 2000 and XP Clients (as well as Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers) to download critical patches through Automatic Updates on a server on a local network, which would make it so that each patch would only need to be downloaded once through the Internet Connection instead of each computer on the network download the same update at the same time, wasting your network utilisation and download limit (if you have one)

You might want to install Software Update Services on Windows XP Professional if you are like me and have a number of Computers on your home network that run Windows 2000 or XP, No server, and a download limit from your ISP that would make it difficult to download exactly the same files for every computer without being able to copy it from a central location - The SUS Server. You might also want to install SUS on Windows XP Professional in your corporation if either you or your company is a cheapass tightwod.


  • Install Internet Information Services (IIS) in the 'Add or Remove Programs' icon in the Control Panel, under the 'Add/Remove Windows Components' item. Make Sure that you have selected the 'World Wide Web Service'. This is why you need Windows XP Professional, not Home Edition. Home Edition does not have Internet Information Services. You may need your Windows XP CD for this.
  • Download SUS 1.0 with SP1
  • Open the Self-Extracting Executable with WinRAR
  • Copy the SUS10SP1.msi file to a temporary folder for you to work in
  • Install Orca from Microsoft to edit the MSI file (or InstallShield Developer if you have it). Downloading a 266MB PDK just to get a 2.3MB component that is Orca might be a bit difficult so you may download just the Orca component from here.
  • Edit the SUS10SP1.msi file and delete the "Launch Condition" and save it.
  • Rename the MSI file to SUS10SP1_winxp.msi so that you don't get confused which files are fixed for Windows XP or not.
  • Install Software Update Services on your Windows XP Professional computer using the SUS10SP1_winxp.msi package.

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  • 3 months later...

When I go to localhost\SUSadmin, I get a password prompt, what is the access information for that? What do we do after installing it?

Thanks for this guide.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently, it only lets Internet Explorer into it, not Firefox.

Edited by Chris Lee
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Edit: Nevermind, apparently, it only lets Internet Explorer into it, not Firefox.


That isn't really surprising actually. :p

Thanks for the guide.

Edited by joseph0324
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Aha, that gives me a clue what my problems might be, I will need to install IIS.

Whoops, now I see that it tells me to install IIS in the instructions. Silly me.

Edited by umteen
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  • 1 year later...

SUS support will be stopped by the end of this year: any idea about installing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on XP?

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