[MLB] Cecil Fielder's troubles

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And Detroiters loved Fielder the family man, who doted on his son, Prince, and daughter, Ceclynn. They applauded when wife Stacey was named Mrs. Michigan, posing for pictures in her elegant Grosse Pointe Farms home.

Their storybook life seemed headed for the happiest of endings ? Fielder was traded to the Yankees, eventually retired with career earnings of $47 million in salary alone, and moved his family to the largest, richest mansion in central Florida.

Now, it?s all gone.

All the money, the mansion ? even the loving family unit.

Fielder is in hiding, with process servers stalking him. He is not in contact with his family, and many attempts by The Detroit News to reach him failed.


?Gambling caused Cecil Fielder?s empire to collapse,? said Al Arostegui, the Realtor who sold the Fielders their 50-room palace in Melbourne, Fla., in 1995 for $3.7 million.

?This isn?t a story of a hero who went bad, but a hero who got sick. For Cecil, gambling is a disease; it?s like a cancer of some sort that ate away his wealth.?

Arostegui said he is owed more than $70,000 by the Fielders in unpaid advertising expenses from his attempts to sell their house for them. Still, he says, ?The biggest losers are the Fielders themselves. They had a great dream home, a wonderful life, and now it?s all gone.?

Really sad to hear about this for his family. I always liked him a lot, thought he was a real class act. Sometimes you never know...

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damn that really sucks.

When I went to my first ever MLB game, it was Detriot vs Cleveland. I remember him hitting a HR in that game.

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Gambling is becoming a big deal with athletes nowadays. First, Pete Rose, then Jeremy Roenick, and now Cecil Fielder with many other in between. They need to lay off that drug that is gambling..

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Wow when i saw the thread title, i thought he had trapped himself in his house because of overeating or something else horrible..heh but still thats horrible his kids supposed to be a good ballplayer though so thats a plus, get daddy a condo or somethin...or a sandwich

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