Who here likes rollerhockey?

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Hi all...

Just wondering how big rollerhockey is in the world....I have recently played it and really enjoyed it! It takes a lot of gutts and skill to play. I'm from the UK and it doesn't get much support....does anyone actually make a living out of this sport?

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I've been involved in all forms of hockey since I was about 7. Began Inline (roller) as a forward then a goalie, and when I was 12 I started playing ice as a goalie. And at 14, I started making money from the sport by officiating ice and inline. Currently, reffing is my only source of income during the school year, but it's paying my half of the 900$/mo. rent and then some.

As far as pursuing playing as a career, it's really not possible. The professional league (Roller Hockey International) disbanded in the mid 90's, but there are some upstart leagues that may become elite, but I just can't see one making enough to support a family.

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GOD I HATE GOALIES always gotta get luckey when i shoot on them  ;) 

do you still play SCS? if you do, Where?


I play ice still for a Junior C team in MI. I don't really get the pads on for inline anymore, but I'll cover for anyone who needs a goalie at the rink I referee at.

Basically, after 13 years of paying to play..I'm looking to get it back. I'm starting my 7th year of ice hockey officiating this year, and I'm really looking forward to moving up the ranks as an official rather than a goaltender.

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