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Networking Project suggestions


Tamade    0

Networking Project:

Hello everyone, I have a little project that I?m doing and I was wondering if you would like to help.

I have a friend who owns a financial advice and tax company that deals with individuals, groups and business.

He wants to network his two offices, one in Seattle and the other in San Diego. He wants new computers, printers, software, and phone system, everything from cables to hardware and software.

Lay out:


10 financial advisors

8 accountants

2 receptionists

1 VP

1 market annalist

San Diego:

20 financial advisors

8 accountants

2 receptionists

1 VP

1 market annalist


A grand total of 55 people


Heave use of printers and phone system. Leaning towards Centrex to lower costs, however there are two different local service providers we will be dealing with, Qwest in Seattle and SBC in San Diego. Is there any way to use a centralized Centrex system to lower costs between the two locations. or should we use small business solutions cut down on long distance charges between the offices.

Also leaning towards Thin Client for the financial advisors running of the servers, how many, don?t really know? Reg. PCs for the receptionists.

Voice conferencing and Video Conferencing between offices and the customers.

Current budget:

Budget: Totals:

Non-recurring $ 50,000.00

Recurring $ 10,000.00

Miscellaneous $ 5,000.00

Basically he needs everything. Just want some suggestions Thank you.

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Geronimo    0

I dont know how they are planning to do accounting. I.e. a canned software package or not. That would determine how to connect the offices. How much traffic will need to flow between the sites and such.

Video conferencing costs alot of money and bandwidth. It would probably be cheaper to get an account with a firm that handles this. Basically you would rent the service, hand out the address and connect. Sounds like he would do alot of this. There is several that have a program you can setup for X about of months.

I could help you out if you like. Shoot me an email

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