[Soccer] Adrian Mutu's Sacking

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We all know he has taken drugs which is bad just look at the Rio Ferdinand situation but do you think Chelsea should of sacked him...its not really standing by the player and he cost so much...do you think he got pay out at least?!?


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Imo, they made the right choice.


I think they were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. He was a liability for them, although I don't doubt his talent. It also shows the heatlessness of Chelsea these days. There is no team spirit - its all about money and trying to buy the premiership title. Most managers would have stuck by their players - after all it was a recreational drug, not a performance enhancing drug that was used. Now I am not condoning the drugs use, but managers have to support their players if they want a sucessfull club. In my opinion, Chelsea encapsulate everything that is wrong with football these days.

*Its late, I am drunk, excuse typing errors*

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Firstly, Rio was never proved to have taken them

I did like Mutu as a player but they were right to fire him


Agreed they have a no tolerence policy, happens in any workplace and they should have sacked him.

How much did he cost Chelsea though? Must be quite a lot during Ranieri's (sp) spending ?

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Rio Ferdiand just missed a drugs test and there's no proof that he took drugs before.

But Adrian Mutu even admitted to taking drugs. I guess Chelsea just want to maintain a clean reputation, especially when they want to be a top-flight club.

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Yes, no question. Chelsea did the right thing. This guy is supposed to be a role model. Does taking drugs set a positive example to today's youth? Regardless of your opinions on the "legalisation of drugs" issue, they are illegal in the UK, so he deserves punishment.

Perhaps the police should get involved as well...

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For pity's sake.

I love football, but I am heartily sick of hearing about the pressure involved in being paid ?50k a week to kick a bag of wind around on a field, and expected to feel sympathy for people like Mutu when it goes wrong for them.

Pressure is doing a job you hate, or not having a job and trying to figure out how to feed, cloth and house yourself and / or family.

Reality check time!

Irrespective of anything else, this guy was found to be taking a Class A drug. He didn't admit it up front, in fact he denied it at first when his first test sample came backpositive. He only admitted it when he and his army of advisers realised there was noweher to go with their arguments.

His contract as a professional athlete, the contract between him and the employer paying him more per week than most people earn in a year, specifically covered the penalties involved for any form of drugs abuse.

He broke the contract and got fired.

End of story.

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