Spurrier a Gamecock...hmm maybe

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Doh, what a heart breaker you are Steve. First you leave us for one of the ugliest NFL Franchises for the past 6 years (Cincinnati would have looked better on your resume) and now for the South Carolina Gamecocks. While at first I will enjoy seeing you get knocked around by the SEC for the first couple of years, a small part of me will be sad to see you on the opposing sidelines when (if) you roll into the Swamp.

ESPN Article

South Carolina football coach Lou Holtz said last week that it'd be a great thing if Steve Spurrier were the one to replace him if he retires.

Now, according to reports, that could be closer than ever to reality.

ESPN has confirmed a report in the Nashville Tennessean that Spurrier, who won a national title and six SEC championships in 12 seasons at Florida, has agreed in principle to be the next coach of the Gamecocks.

The newspaper, which identified its source as being someone close to the situation, reported that an announcement is expected early next week.

A potential snag in the agreement could be if Holtz, 67, decides he wants to come back for a seventh season in South Carolina, according to the report.

Holtz is signed through 2008. However, a clause in his deal lets him or the university get out of the agreement with five days notice.

In the past few weeks, Holtz has said he was tired and worn out from the season. He has continually made references to "whoever is the coach next year" when questioned about his future.

On Monday, Holtz refused to talk about his plans.

"This is not a good time to talk about it, it really isn't," Holtz said. "It's just not a good time."

South Carolina Associate Athletics Director Kerry Tharp would neither confirm nor deny to the newspaper that a deal was imminent with Spurrier.

"We're not going to comment about any of it right now," Tharp told the Tennessean. "It's all speculative. When Coach Holtz decides what he's going to do, then we'll decide where we're going to go with it."

South Carolina (6-4) ends its regular season Saturday at Clemson (5-5).

Spurrier, 59, has said that he would probably prefer the college ranks if he decides to get back into coaching. He hasn't coached since he resigned from the Washington Redskins in 2003 after going 12-20 in two seasons. Spurrier, who left Florida in 2002, also has been linked to a potential opening at North Carolina, according to published reports.

Earlier this month, Spurrier withdrew his name from consideration to return to Gainesville, where Ron Zook was fired last month after two-plus seasons.

Last week, Holtz told The (Columbia, S.C.) State: "I can understand why [spurrier]would want to come here, and I can also understand why they would want him."

And earlier this week, Holtz confirmed that he had spoken to Spurrier, whom he said he considers a friend.

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I would like to see Spurrier coach at SC. He'd bring more credibility to the SEC. I'm an LSU fan and I always pull for other SEC teams when they aren't playing LSU (and when their games have nothing to do with LSU's fate) because I believe that stronger teams in the SEC make LSU look better. I want the SEC to be the toughest conference in the nation. And if Spurrier can take SC and make them a good to great team, then that's just one more legitimate contender in the SEC. And that means better press and more respect for all the other SEC teams.

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hehe, i have the same mentality with the big 10. i'll even cheer for ohio st. if it helps the big 10 look better (thats not something said casually from most michigan fans)

it will be good to have spurrier back at the college level. i guess we'll see soon enough if this is true or not. plus it still leaves florida open...

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i would have liked to of seen him finish with the redskins. ###### had to go and quit. what a crock.


haha, you liked him as a skin?

i thought he was gonna finish in the nfl...

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It will be interesting...I just like saying:

"Steve Spurrier, head of the cocks"

Sorry, yes...its inappropriate...but I couldnt resist. :laugh:


Only now, the title has double meaning. Why did he have to go back to an SEC team, why!?

Well, it will be nice kicking his ass as a Gamecock since we couldn't really do it as a Gator. Go Dawgs!

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