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27-19 Argos over Lions. Toronto wins the 92nd Grey Cup.

41 year old Damon Allen (the oldest player in the CFL) quarterbacked Toronto to victory. He is the younger brother of Markus Allen (National Football League Hall of Fame running back).

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It was a good game!


It was also the first Grey Cup for a black coach. Pinball = Class.

PINBALL MILESTONE: Michael (Pinball) Clemons downplayed the distinction of being the first black head coach to win the Grey Cup.

"Maybe I don't appreciate it as much because I live here year-round now and we're more of a colour-blind nation," Clemons said after his Argonauts defeated the B.C. Lions.

"I don't really see that kind of thing but maybe it does have some level of significance. The reason I have a problem appreciating the significance is that I feel I'm the smallest part of our success.

"I'm here to support others so they can have success."

However, the native of Clearwater, Fla., said it meant a lot to his mother. "She was 18 when she had me and she had just finished high school," he said. "She went to a segregated high school, so we're not talking that long ago."

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