December Desktops


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My first Desk on Neowin:

winterthumb.jpg winterthumb.jpg winterthumb.jpg

Using Programs


VS: Inspirat

Icons: GuideSign SimpleWhite

Traysymbole: Apple Style

Avedesk: HD, CPU and FTP .... Skins Selfmade

Samurize: Weather and Cover

Winamp: Spirit black

Miranda: Selfmade

Rainlendar: Selfmade

Wallpaper: from deviant

--- Please Comment ---

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vs: industrial design

icons: kreski

winamp: simple plan

other: avedesk

wall: from a tshirt on

i'm digging the beige vibe.

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Visual style: watercolor

Wallpaper: I believe I saw it on devart

apps: y'z shadow, avedesk1.2, vanim.

desklets: default shortcuts, ftp droplet, herds vumeter, sysstats

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nice wall.. I wonder if there is a PSplug-in to get that effect on a photo...  some variance plug-ins are ok..  yer style is kool


thx a lot. :shifty:

erm, which effect? :unsure:

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Then what's with the "Cyan1de"? I think that's pretty trendwhore-ish. Also setting it up as a Macintosh (taskbar at top and transformation pack) which many people try to emulate. Though I bet it shouldn't have been taken seriously.

Cyan1de would be my gaming name, which personally you have no business commenting on. And it is Anti-Trendwhore, because all you people seemingly love to try and emulate an operating system that might not even be released, it is Anti-Trendwhore compared to most of you.

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