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On 29/01/2020 at 05:27, Shaun N. said:

Last post was 2016 :(

Well the game is pretty much dead as a MMO at this point. There's still people playing but for the most part it's an eSports title these days with people doing Mythic+ and streaming. There's pretty much no world pvp going on. Nobody populate the different zone. The game is as grindy as it has ever been with very few content to do for players who are not part of the 0.1% and who do not like Pokemom. With titles like Riot MMO, Ashes of Creation and Corepunk around the corner and games like FF and New World already stealing lot of players away from WoW i think it's the beginning of the end for WoW sadly. It doesn't help that the current game director of WoW clearly has absolutely no clue what he is doing with making the game more and more of an eSport title with every new patch.


What most people liked from WoW was the social aspect of the game. Doing content with people. Making the guild progress together. Defending your faction in world pvp. With everyone playing horde now gone is the world pvp. With cross realm group possible without the possibility of having a cross realm guild then gone is the guild principle outside of mythic raiding. Without content for the non top 0.1% players outside of Pokemom like gameplay then gone is about everything that made WoW a MMOrpg in the past. I still play the game but i can see my time with it is nearing its end. I like RIOT's LoL universe. The TV show was good. I'm looking forward to their MMO a lot more than i'm looking forward to anything Blizzard is planning. There's not much left of Blizzard now and only Activision remains.


I'd rank wow and its expansion as a MMO like this.


A : WoTLK (mostly positive, perfect balance between casual and hardcore gameplay with lot of very fun raids and achievements than felt like real achievements)

B : Vanilla, Legion and BC (more positive than negative lot of funs with very good raids but little bit too grindy for my taste)

C : BFA, Cata and MoP (as many positive as negative but overall enjoyable expansions)

WoD add, SL (almost no positive dreadful expansions with no content, nothing to do and nobody anywhere to interact with)

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On 24/02/2020 at 19:54, Fugi said:

@Shaun N. I've been playing a ton of Classic :) my guild is on Palge (re-rolled from Stalagg) and we're having a blast!!!  I tried retail lately but it's just so arcadey and while arguably less of a 'grind' than classic it is so much more monotonous.  Someone on Reddit put it pretty well you can login for 1 hour a day each week on Retail just to keep pace after doing all your chores or you can play Classic Sunday for 7 hours straight on Sunday or 1 hour a day each week and you get pretty much the same result (obvious a bit overblown due to raids, but you get the point).

Anyway, not trying to start a retail vs classic flame war but i really really hope we see a Classic+ and not go through the expansions, or ideally retail starts to look a bit more like classic did.  I'm all for QOL features but i just cant have fun in Retail... there is almost too much to do and it isn't like you can just go do it... you need to login day after day.  I also really like the loot system better.

Retail is extremely grindy. more than Classic and BC i would say. The grind in classic was content. It was fun to do albeit too time consuming for most people but still fun at your own pace. Right now the grind is boring. It's an hidden wall with the sole purpose of making you waste your time redoing the same *** over and over and over and over very day for no real purpose. We are far from what WOTLK was with very few grind, accessible content for everyone and lot of raids ... freaking awesome raids.

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On 21/04/2022 at 09:47, spikey_richie said:

Any love for the new expansion? 



I've been burned too many times to have any excitement, might jump into WOTLK classic though...

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