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[NFL/NCAA] Irish won't get Mariucci


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ND contacted Steve Mariucci about their opening. He turned them down. Mariucci was the coach of California before being hired by the 49ers back in 1997.

DETROIT -- Lions coach Steve Mariucci said Saturday he was contacted by Notre Dame about its coaching vacancy but decided to stay with Detroit.

"I am absolutely 100 percent committed to the Detroit Lions and my desire to build the Lions into a winner," Mariucci said in a statement.

The Irish also talked to Urban Meyer, before he decided to leave Utah for Florida on Friday.

Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White, who was in Ann Arbor for Saturday's Notre Dame-Michigan men's basketball game, declined comment.

Mariucci is a former head coach at California.


I was surprised that ND even contacted him in the first place. Mariucci is a good coach. He will be a NFL head coach for many years.

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no one wants that job. an impatient lot of snobby people that think they have some right to be a vying for a national championship every year. i hate that school.

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I admire Notre Dame for the level of importance they place on academics and actually graudating their players, but they can't expect people such as Ty Willingham to be able to compete against schools that don't hold the academic future of their players in such high regard. They also really, really need to join a conference, such as they have done with many of their other programs.

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kirk ferentz turned it down too...

nd's gonna have to settle for a no-name coach...


Exactly. The coach they're going to have to hire is going to come as big of a suprise as them firing their current one.

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Yeah I know. Coach got a pay raise and decided to not coach this year. What should have been a walk in the park didn't really work out. It was a damn shame to see a good team not perform.

I mean, look at the almight VT. We played one of our worst games of the season when they played (comparatively to their other games) their best and barely won. Penalties, static offensive play calling, etc. :(

Oh, and FSU is going to pound us in the Gator Bowl. Keep an eye out for that.

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