Smoltz to start again

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ok ill break this down a bit.

First of all, Danny Kolb? wtf. normally when you think of a closer, you think power. Yeah, this guy struck out 21 batters last year in 64 innings. 1 every 3 innings. not to mention he blew 5 saves under the incredible pressure of pitching for the milwaukee brewers. i cringe to imagine him with the expectations hes gonna be facing in atlanta, especially as the successor to smoltz.

2nd, Smoltz tried starting again after his first surgery, it didnt work. his arm isnt conditioned for that anymore. only thing thats better is that he'll know when he is pitching and wont be getting warmed up for nothing.

3rd, we traded our top pitching prospect. Jose Cappelon, who had been clocked over 100 mph, its all there in the article. basically, he was gonna be good.

4th, the payroll.. this is where im starting to get ****ed.. AOL Time Warner has no business at all owning a professional sports team with the financial situation they are in. They realized this to an extent and sold the Thrashers and the Hawks. Yet, theyve decided to hang on to the Braves for now, and are slowly pricing us out of contention. Yes, last year we still won the division, but the team overachieved by a longshot, in a fairly weak division. So, we get back to the postseason, lose, yet again, and what do we do? Let our top 2 starters and our leading run producer walk away. We've got a good farm system sure, but you cant expect to produce an andruw or a chipper every year. Someones gotta buy this team soon if we plan on staying competitive. I'm not saying i want a steinbrenner type in here to just buy the rest of the league, but for gods sake, someone other than AOL.

All i can hope is that Schuerholz knows whats he's doing.

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