O'Neal's suspension is over. At least for now.

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David Stern has shown a compassionate side before. You'll recall that the Minnesota Timberwolves, originally docked five future first-round draft picks when they reached an under-the-table contract agreement with Joe Smith, eventually had two of those two draft picks reinstated by Le Commish.

But this is different.

Stern and the NBA were never going to drop their protests of the reduction in Jermaine O'Neal's suspension. No matter what a judge said Thursday, and no matter how close we are to Christmas.

The league will let O'Neal play in Indiana's next two games because it has no choice. Then Stern and his legal team will try again to convince the presiding judge that the Pacers' All-Star forward still has 10 more games to serve for his part in The Malice of Auburn Hills melee Nov. 19.

Some of you are undoubtedly wondering why the league won't just let it go now. Especially since the suspensions of Ron Artest (for the season) and Stephen Jackson (30 games) were not shortened by the arbitrator who ruled that O'Neal's ban should be reduced from 25 games to 15.

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the only player that should have been suspended out of that was wallace


Yeah, because heading into the stands and fighting with fans isn't grounds for suspension. There have been charges filed against the players and the fans. If that doesn't warrant suspension, I don't know what does. Get a clue. :whistle:

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