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Hello I am looking for a better way to 'filter' the internet for some users.

I have a couple of ideas, but I havent found an existing solution yet.

The closest to what I am looking for is in Norton Internet Security, where you can manage access policies PER USER and set it to "BLOCK ALL sites EXCEPT these".

For example say someone wants their kid to only be able to visit nick.com and cartoonnetwork.com, is their a way to do that without needing norton internet security? Is their alternative software that can do this?

Additionally is there a way to disable internet access for some users in Windows XP Pro, some service or gpedit setting?

I was thinking if someone could make a firefox extension that behaves the exact opposite of adblock, in which a user could specify to "ALLOW only THESE SITES", that would benefit alot of people, save them money on 3rd party software, and switch more people to firefox.

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