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tsunami relief cricket match - asia XI vs world XI


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did anybody go to this game from neowin. i just got back from it and it was awesome if you want to read about go here the game got 16 million in donations for the tsunami victims. there was about 80,000 at the game including about the 1,000 who got ejected :p about once every 5 minutes we would hear the crowd chanting " na na na na na na na na hey hey hey good byeeee" then you would look and some one is getting dragged out by the hair bye security guards

here is a pic one of the camera men took of a couple of friends, he says it will be in the paper tommorow :p


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Ahh c'mon, I was watching that game for almost the whole coverage in my comfortable lounge room at sunny Tamworth, and I didn't hear them chanting that :p

And the final (official) total of the night was 14 million, and ~640 Hundred Thousand Dollars. (Australian Dollars)

I'm interested to see how those e-bay items go - search for tsunami and you'll see the cricket items there!

And I didn't happen to see those 2 chix either, was that between an Ad-Break? :p

Oh - Three cheers for Austr..... I mean the Rest of the world :)


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the picture was taken right after ricky ponting got his hundred

lol believe me they were chanting that :p

one of the funniest things i have seen was when one of the beach balls was floating around the crowd my friend pete knocked to one of the police men and about 5,000 ppl stood up pointed their fingers at him and started chanting " YOU ARE A ****** " it happened to many ppl throughout the match

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Lol i was watching from my comfortable Lounge Room in Sydney :p and i sure didn't hear that .. i didn't even read about it either!

But i have to say, it was one of the greatest matches played of all time, both on and off the field.

Congratulations to all who donated :)

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Wow thats a lot of money raised, I saw the match on TV (well actually recorded it to watch later as it was on during the early morning here in the UK)

Nice match for a great cause. Congrats the the World XI on a quite comfortable victory

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