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controls.man corrupted

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moi_fred    0


I tried to install Win XP and there is a corrupted file which prevents me to finish it. I'm really annoyed cause it's beacause of the burning of the CD.

The file is :


It's a very small file (2kb).

Please, could someone send it to me by mail at :


Thanx in advance


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me101    0

Found this on one of the usenet groups concerning the controls.man problem

This is a common error when using later builds of Nero to burn CD's. If you're burning from within XP, disable the built in buring feature as well.

Also found this info.

I received this same message while installing from a "bad" CD, which I created from the iso image download. Hard as this is to believe, my only mistake was not selecting "disc at once" when I burned the CD. The CD LOOKED fine, but would never complete the install. I found directions for creating the CD's in another post. Although sceptical, I burned a new CD, and the problem disappeared. The directions mentioned are at: http://chmsftwxp.conxion.com/installation.html

If you want the file, let me know which build of XP you havem I have RC1 and RC2 or maybe the file is generic and can be sent from ANY build?

Hope that is of some help. Personally I always install from HD. Never had any problems so far.

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