College basketball player hits a 90-foot shot in a

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For this former quarterback, it took a Hail Mary thrown like a baseball to win the basketball game. With 0.6 seconds left in overtime, Jordan Snipes of Guilford College rebounded the other team's missed free throw, wheeled around and heaved the ball the full length of the court.


:o Damn that must have been awesome!!! If anyone DVRs Sports center in the morning and it is on there could you post it?.... that is just crazy!


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found it!

espn motion has it.

go to mens college bb, and click on video highlights :)


only thing i'm curious about is if he got it off in time. whats the min. time for a catch and shoot? is it .6? cuz the way he brought the ball down, and then shot it, seemed like it could have been more than .6.

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haha, thats crazy. took him what, 10 balls to make it again? so he's like 2-11 from 85 feet. not too shabby...

i don't think he even touched the rim either time...

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