Just got some new speakers

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King Raa

They can't handle full treble on full volume on a song that has lots of treble... ppk - resurection

they do bass ok, but i think the cones for the base are paper (how can u tell, they're white :wacko:), they vibrate tons when bass is up...

mmn. they look v.nice tho... lol ah well.

also the right seems louder than left on default volume... - oh thats bs, just checked my speaker settings, right was set to less volume :huh:


mmn. --- just felt like sharing this with you.

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+E.Worm Jimmy

so cheap, makes me wonder if they look anywhere near as nice as the picture in real life. tell me, do they?

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King Raa


I asked a while back for advice on whether these were any good or not, didn't get any... so now I'll advise you...

by full treble I meant turned up on both speaker and winamp...

and i don't know if they're paper cones... pfft.

and yes, they do look very nice.

and read the edit, twas my comp making one quieter than other.

http://www.aria.co.uk/ProductsList.asp?Name=tsunami+gx <these...

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King Raa

actually i think its just my hearing being ****ty- so of everything i said above

only the "can't handle: winamp, max treble and speakers max treble on max volume"

the "can't handle: winamp, max bass and speakers max bass on max volume"

"not as good at treble as bass"


don't mean to snd negative - i like 'em, i'm just clueless

i don't know what the bass cones are made of...

they're actually sounding v.good on a volume thats making my floor buzz (its not a bassy song tho)

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The speakers may have needed to be burned in, hence the better sound now.

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