New NY Jets Stadium design

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NEW YORK -- The New York Jets released a revised design for their proposed $1.4 billion Manhattan stadium Wednesday after taking heavy criticism for their initial plans.

The new design reduces the height of the stadium by 120 feet and replaces the steel facade with glass.

"The changes unveiled today reflect months of spirited public discussion," Jets president Jay Cross said. "What has emerged is a building that is just as grand and yet reduced in height by more than 10 stories."

The planned stadium for the city's West Side has been controversial since it was proposed last year. The idea has met with opposition from neighborhood residents, local politicians and some civic groups.

Aside from cutting the height, the new design from architect Bill Pedersen, of Kohn Pedersen Fox, moves the main entrance, removes the wind turbines and surrounds the building in a semi-opaque glass curtain.

City planning director Amanda Burden praised the redesign.




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Holy damn :o

When I go to Hoboken, that's the same exact site I see. I'll now be able to see the stadium from the pier in Hoboken. Stadium looks quite enchanting.

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i know the majority of people who live in the city are against it


They don't want more traffic then they have now apart from not wanting to pay taxes for it.

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Yeah, ok!

I'll believe it when they build it.


i said the same thing when i saw the mocks of the arizona stadium. that thing is gonna own for sure.

but this does look a lot better than the first revision.

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This is very interesting indeed.

Reliant owns, but they should have made it bigger.

I am sure the new Dallas stardium will be biggest and best whenever it is complete.

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They should change the NY Giants to the NJ Giants if this happens, because NY will accualy have a team then.


Well, NYC will actually have a team. The state of New York already has the Bills.

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