[NFL] Hall of Fame's Class of 2005

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Steve Young was a high school senior being recruited by Army when he stood on the sideline at West Point and watched a freshman for Pitt named Dan Marino.

"I saw him throw an 18-yard out and thought, 'I'm never going to play in college,' " Young said.

Of course, he did play in college -- and then the pros. So did Marino. On Saturday, two of the NFL's best quarterbacks were elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"It's an incredible honor," said Marino, the most prolific passer in league history. "It's humbling to think of growing up wanting to be a professional football player."

Mom and Dad, it's a long way from Parkview Avenue" he said, referring to where he grew up in Pittsburgh.

And a long way from Greenwich, Conn., where Young was raised before heading west to Utah to play for Brigham Young.

"I had a college coach, LaVell Edwards, who took a chance on a wild, crazy left-handed running quarterback from Connecticut," he said.

That crazy kid is now the first modern-era lefty QB in the Hall.

Yet another quarterback, Benny Friedman, and Fritz Pollard joined Marino and Young as the Class of 2005. They will be inducted on Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio.

"Let's overrun Canton with Dolphins fans," Marino said. "I invite you all to Canton and to have some fun."

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Source: ESPN

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