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How? Extract InstallShield .cab file?


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yeah i6comp. i have used this before. you need to get two:

1. http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-viewer?sh...2/i6comp020.zip

2. http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-viewer?sh.../i6comp103b.zip

use version 1, extract it, and put just the .exe in the folder where the cab file resides. And then get version 2, extract it, and put only the ZD51145.DLL file in the same folder as well. now to extract the file you want do this; i have used the file name "CTComp.dat " as an example, modify for whatever it is you need. Open a command window in the folder where the cab file is. to do this you can create a notepad file, save it in that folder, so now you can right click it and open with cmd prompt . Once you're in that directory from the Command Prompt, type without quotes:

"i6comp e data ctcomp.dat" obviously changing the CTComp.dat for your file.

Now, to put the files back in to the cab, open a command window into the directory again and type:

"i6comp r data ctcomp.dat"

When you are done, delete the leftover CTComp.dat, i6comp.exe, and ZD51145.DLL files.

hope that helps, RAM

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