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Windows Installer

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Aaron P    0

Just want to get the thoughts and experiences of sys. admins (and others) involved in deploying applications in a Win2K Pro/Server environment.

Win2k has been around for a while now (Fed 2000) and one of the great things about it is the Windows Installer service. Deploying apps that use the Windows Installer service to this environment is just so easy with Group Policy, yet for some strange reason not many app vendors use Windows Installer for their setup programs.

I can count on my hand the number of apps that I have deployed using Windows Installer and feel so frustrated by those that arent using it. Yes I know you can can repackage an app into an MSI file, but why should I have to?

Even a small vendor like SmartFTP does use it (kudo's to them www.smartftp.com ). Citrix have only just brought out a client that uses it. Adobe don't yet use it (show me a machine that doesn't have Adobe Reader on it).

Whats going on here? Shouldn't software vendors be trying to make it easier for us to get their apps to our users desktops? Why are the majority of them not yet using it? Why does toast land buttered side down? Can anyone answer these questions?

Anyway enough from me. Looking forward to some of your experiences.

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