[MLB] Tigers close Ordonez deal

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DETROIT -- The Detroit Tigers started their offseason by landing one All-Star free agent, then had to wait three months to nab another.

After Carl Pavano and Steve Finley spurned the Tigers' offers, Detroit on Monday signed outfielder Magglio Ordonez to go with closer Troy Percival, who joined the team in November.

Ordonez is "a big, big addition to our team, a cornerstone, the type of player you build around and try to win championships," Tigers president Dave Dombrowski said at a news conference at Comerica Park.

I think this is a decent pickup for the ailing Tigers. Although, I believe Ordonez is going to be on and off the field this year with some injury troubles. In relation to the White Sox, I think they have picked up a few role players to make their team a division contender this year. I'm looking forward to the Sox winning the division with maybe Minnesota or Cleveland in a close second.

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The Tigers are my team. Its about time Illitch (the owner and i believe founder of Little Ceasars pizza) started spending money on the team and not just using it on his Detroit Red Wings. Tigers World Series champs 2010 (gotta dream)!!

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