Nude stalker seeks out Anna

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Feb. 8, 2005. 01:48 PM

Nude stalker seeks out Anna


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) ? A homeless man was charged with stalking and burglary after swimming nude across Biscayne Bay in search of tennis star Anna Kournikova's waterfront residence and getting caught near her neighbor's home.

Police said William Lepeska screamed, "Anna! Save me!" as he was taken away Jan. 30. He is scheduled to make a court appearance Wednesday.

Lepeska, 40, who sports an "Anna" tattoo on his right biceps, was found near the swimming pool of a house three doors from Kournikova's $5 million home.

"He thought he was at Anna Kournikova's home," Officer Dennis White wrote in a police report.

Police said Lepeska acknowledged that he spent several months searching for her address on the Internet and swam nude 200 yards after locating it.

Lepeska sent Kournikova "numerous letters and posted e-mails to her Web page" and "made several alarming statements indicating that he believed Ms. Kournikova had left a door unlocked for him to enter her residence and left clothing for him to wear as if she was expecting his arrival," police said.

Ivy Mollenkamp, the tennis player's Los Angeles publicist, said in a statement that what happened "has caused Anna to be very concerned and fearful for her safety," calling the allegations ``extremely alarming and threatening." Kournikova was cooperating with prosecutors and "consulting with her personal security team.''

At Miami Beach police headquarters, Lepeska "refused to stand for a photograph" and demanded a psychiatric evaluation. He became ``hostile and belligerent," assumed a "boxer's fighting stance ... and began throwing punches," police said.

He allegedly bit an officer's left thumb, drawing blood, and hit White in the chest. Police used pepper spray and an expandable baton to subdue him. Police charged him with aggravated battery, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Lepeska was also charged with exposing himself in the presence of a child after the 3-year-old daughter of Kournikova's neighbor saw him "laid out spread eagle in a very lewd manner" on a lawn chair by the pool.

Miami-Dade County Court Judge Gerald Klein issued a restraining order against Lepeska on Friday. Lepeska is currently being held in the county jail on a $26,000 bail.

Kournikova's attorneys, Dan Gelber and Steve Chaykin, did not immediately return phone messages Tuesday.

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i thought CAH posted this, cause thats how all his stories start off, with CNN and stuff LOL. anyways, interesting story (Y)

would of been funny to see, but what a tool, he shoulda sworn cloths, THEN taken them off

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I decided to post this in the Sporting Arena because she used to be a tennis star, er, player. Perhaps it is best to say she is a tennis-related celebrity. I don't think she ever won a major tournament or was ever ranked in the Top 10.

Ah well, at least she's got more claim to fame than the Paris sisters...

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He rules, he drew blood by punching an officers thumb, I need to learn that move! And he can swim 200 yards naked, I can't swim at all.

This man is a winner, Darwin would be proud.

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