Official: Red Devils are Pedophiles? *Joke*

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Manchester's United's scouting network has brought a nine-year-old Brazilian to the attentions of the Old Trafford giants.

The Red Devils and European Champions Porto have sent scouts to assess the qualities of Jean Carlo Chera, known as Anderson, and it is being claimed that contact has been made with the youngster's parents.

Anderson is being groomed for stardom by Sport Association of Parana and their president Adolson Batista Prado has confirmed the European vultures are circling.

"This child has created fascination," said Prado. "Everyone that sees him play can't believe what they see."

The youngster, as many would expect, is tall and strong for his age and competes regularly against players four years older than him.

It is most unlikely that the youngster will be prised away from South America at such a tender age, but United boss Sir Alex Ferguson (pictured) could attempt to engineer a deal whereby they secure first refusal on Anderson if he does fulfil his potential.

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