[NBA] 2 vets are going to retire

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There are two veteran players going to retire from the NBA. They are Karl Malone and Reggie Miller.

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Mailman is calling it a day.

Karl Malone, who for 18 seasons as a member of the Utah Jazz teamed with guard John Stockton to form one of the NBA's most legendary duos, will announce his retirement on Sunday, the Jazz said in a news release Friday.

Malone, who is 41 and underwent knee surgery last summer, is healthy and works out every day but has not played since last season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Malone will announce his exit at a news conference at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City.

Source: ESPN

Reggie Miller will retire after the season, ending a career with the Indiana Pacers in which he became one of the NBA's greatest shooters.

"I just sensed that this is something he knows is right for him to do," Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said Friday. "I'd love to have him around another year. This is one of those personal decisions you have to go with your gut on."

Carlisle spoke after telling the players about Miller's decision to retire after spending all 18 of his NBA seasons with the Pacers. Miller, who turns 40 in August, was at Friday's practice at Conseco Fieldhouse but did not speak to reporters.

Carlisle said Miller called him Thursday night to tell him before sister Cheryl Miller reported his impending retirement on TNT.

Source: ESPN

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Malone - Arguably one of the best Power Forwards to ever play the game. Also just a true character IMO because let's face it, you do not run across that many African American Cowboy / Truckers. Although they never delivered a championship, himself and Stockton were one of the most lethal duos, who made the Pick And Roll look like child's play, Basketball has ever known.

Miller - In my basketball world since I am a long time Knicks fan, I consider him the Ultimate Nemesis / Pest. Although I hated his guts as he was the rival, and I have wished ill upon him more than once during the heat of a game, I have total respect for him. Anyone that actually witnessed live when he dropped 9 points in less than 30 seconds or whatever it was (to this day I still say he blatantly pushed John Starks) at the Garden knows what I mean.

Two Vets of the game saying goodbye. My total respect for both of them.

Happy Trails gentlemen. (Y)

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