[Youth Basketball] What a freaking comeback

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Ok, for those that don't know, I coach a youth basketball team (10 - 11 year old boys). Tonight, wow, what a come back. This is what I wrote about it on my site:

Holy crap I just coached one of the most emotional games of my life.

Today, we went against the purple Knights and by half time we were down 18 - 5. Our team was just playing like they didn't want to be there. I was furious (first time all season). At half time, I told them that if they didn't want to play, to get their stuff and go home now. Then I explained how they should enjoy what they have now, being able to play on a court, with a team, in front of a crowd. The third quarter starts and we're still sluggish as hell and then suddenly, things start picking up a little. Our defence first stepped up and stopped them from scoring anymore, then suddenly, little Anthony went nuts. All over, grabbing every rebound, and then he freaking gets a shot in with the foul! Hell, he hasn't even been able to dribble all season and now suddenly he's leading the charge. Our defence holds up as we go into the fourth quarter and their lead is narrowing. The score was 18 - 12 at the start of the quarter. Again we come at them. As time is running out, however, we are down 19 - 16. Ten seconds left and Sameer throws up a 3 and it goes in! The game is tied! We go to overtime.

In overtime, we simply killed them. We wound up winning the game 27 - 22. I'm completely psyched and Joe is too, in between coughs. Poor guy coached while being deathly sick and was not expecting to wind up getting so excited lol. Thankfully he was there though. If he wasn't, I don't think I would have been able to coach as well either. We both do parts of the job really well, but together, we do it all decently enough to the point where we can pull this stuff out. It was his idea to make the guards press to force them to run more lol so kudos to him for toughing it out tonight.

This is why I love coaching. I went from being so disappointed in these kids to being happier than I have been all week. There is no rush greater than seeing these kids come together and do something that they couldn't do when they first met. They have grown so much as have I. This is basketball baby.

Honestly, there have been more amazing games in this league alone, this year, that have just made it so much more fun to watch when compared to pro games on TV. Whether coaching or just watching/scouting other teams, I have once again found my passion for the sport. No bitchy millionaires or jerk teens trying to make it big. This is just a bunch of kids trying to win. I love it.

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That is just an awesome finish, Chris....congrats to your team, and it proves, that no matter how good you are, if you try your best, it pays off.

Way to go!


Thanks dude. At one point, when that little kid, Anthony, got the and one, I fell to the floor and did a flip lol. I try to be a coach/cheerleader lol. Although, I did have to yell at them when the kid hit the 3 pointer. They were celebrating way too much and it was just disrespectful to the other team.

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I'm just happy we started trying again. I told them that win or lose, I just don't want to have a whole game of them playing like they don't love the game. Being that this is such a young age group too and they don't have the power to reach 3 pointers most of the time, that was only the second 3 pointer ever attempted by my team in a total of 10 games this season lol.

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