Chelsea VS Barcelona

Who will win the clash?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the clash?

    • Chelsea
    • Barcelona

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for me, i guess Chelsea is gonna win.

they have the strongest team, with many subtitutions and the strongest defense.

while barca are all tired from the long season with no enough subtitutions.

who do u think will play on the right wing for chelsea since Robben is injured??? i guess its gonna be J.Cole.

Drogba is most likely to miss the game also, but chelsea has godjhunson in his place.

I think if Terry knew how to man mark Eto very well, then chelsea will definitly win taking into consideration that Lampard dont miss chances like he did against ManCity!!

what do u think?

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I think that chelsea will lose or a draw. Right now Chelsea have got out from half-time loosing 1-0 to Newcastle. I was listenin to the commentary and they were saying how good Newcastle were playin, not letting chelsea not to play fluently. This is a big week for Chelsea because if they slip today, it could change their plans of winning the quadruple and ending up winning only the premiership. But thats still not decided as Man U are catching up. Come on Man U!!

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Well i hope chelsea win but i think it will be very close, i however say chelsea 2-1 becuase they are slightly stronger even thow they lost 1-0 to newcastle today :o

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i would like chalsea to win but the class of barcelona with the worlds player of the year ronaldinio its gonna be a very hard game to win especially coming out of a defeat in the fa cup to newcastle

my money is on fc barcelona

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guys dont forget that chelsea played with their 2nd team for the whole 1st half!

even on the 2nd half many players still didnt play like Terry, Chech, Maklele and Tiago!

what may stand in their face is the injury list they have, Robben and Drogba, and now Duff and Bridge!!! this sucks!!!

but i guess eventhough that the team work of chelsea will beat the power of ronalidno's friends! :p

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