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"LSASS Exploit" issue



Alright, I use Avast and for the last three days, it's been telling me constantly that it is blocking an "LSASS Exploit (SXP)." While I'm obviously pleased that it's blocking this, the fact that it is constantly popping up concerns me. I searched microsoft.com for security updates concerning "LSASS Exploit" and found one from April '04, but it was only available for SP1 (Probably because this fix was included in SP2, which I run).

So, does anyone have any idea as to what I can do to stop this?

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Welcome to Neowin.

You have no reason to be concerned, you are safe from this vulnerabilty, you could turn off incoming notifications in Avast, if there is an option to, so you're not annoyed by the popups of this block/incoming attacks.

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