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How do you guys feel about FTP security? I setup a filezilla server for my home computer so i can get to my files more easily from work instead of going through remote desktop.

There is only one writable "dropbox" type folder, while everything else is read only. My password is also an acronym. The only thing I'm really worried about is someone picking up my password through packet sniffing or something. But if someone got as far as logging in, they really couldn't delete any of my files outside of the "dropbox" folder.

Any thing I should look out for? I would like to use sftp, but I enjoy the freedom to connect when I'm at school or wherever and I don't think internet explorer's lite ftp side supports sftp (or does it).

Also: does anyone know of program that will mount an ftp connection to a local drive letter. I tried out webdrive, but didn't care too much for it. Everytime I wanted to "open" a file (like a music file) it would download it completely before playing. I'd like something that would let me interact with my files like SMB would through a remote connection. That is, treat the file as if it were a local one. I would very much enjoy being able to make playlist at work with it accessing my music at home and have it feel "seemless."

Thanks for your input!


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