Clarette quits combine...

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What a total loser. :laugh:

After slow times, Clarett quits drills

By Len Pasquarelli,

INDIANAPOLIS -- A federal appeals court kept Maurice Clarett out of the 2004 NFL draft. This time around, the former Ohio State standout tailback could keep himself from being chosen in the 2005 lottery.

Clarett, who was hoping to improve his stock with NFL scouts, squandered his latest shot at redemption on Saturday afternoon, posting sluggish performances in the 40-yard dash. According to the unofficial times, Clarett ran 4.72 seconds and 4.82 seconds in his two efforts.

How slow are those times? By comparison, four offensive line prospects, all weighing more than 300 pounds, were clocked faster than five seconds.

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I'll kick this cheating selfish jerkoff as much as I can. I hope he doesn't get drafted at all.

When you are a 'premeire' RB but can't run any faster than 300+ pound Offensive linemen, you suck. :laugh:

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HA!  Could you imagine a pulling guard having to slow down so the RB can catch up?  :D

I so agree here.  Try and think of the last 3-4 years of #1-5 players in the draft.  You would assume that with all their hyp eand massive signing bonuses that they would all be premier stars by now - can anyone say Ryan Leaf?


*cough*Akili Smith*cough*

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