March Desktops Thread


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Click for big.

VS: Asuite.O

Wallpaper:VSI found at

Icons: Aqua Revamped Drives: Pitch Black, Xtra Orange for bin

Apps: AveDesk 1.2 w/ widescapeweather and timezone. Y'z dock

Rainlendar: R-Calendar

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yer it does a bit sorry bout that, yer if u zoom in once uve resized it goes clear agen  :wacko:


:pinch: my bad, man. i wasn't referring to your shot - the one i took of my desktop was huuuuuuge and looked pretty rough when i shrank it down.

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Well worth a full size view

Comments welcome


OB: HmmXP (by me)

WAll: Expressionless (devart mod)

Icons:Last Drivers

Miranda: HmmXP IeView


Could you give more details on how to get Miranda looking like that? I've got the IEView plugin but I don't understand what all is necessary to pimp it out like that.

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First up is my wife, who gets pretty much zero usage apart from storing old files and playing the odd game now. But I still like her to be pretty.

And then there's my lover, the 17-inch iMac. Who I do everything else with.

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