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Apt-Get is a packaging system used in Debian and many other Linux Distros. It is based off of the CLI(Command Line Interface). Lets get to it. For this how-to I will be using Debian.

1. Open up a terminal and log yourself as root(type su, then type your password when asked).

2. To install a package you use this command:

apt-get install <package name>
It will then find the package and ask if you want to install it. Once done, you will be able to use it.


Suppose you don't know the package name though? Well Apt-Get has got you covered with this:

apt-cache search <name of software>
So lets say I want to search for firefox in apt get. I would type in apt-cache search firefox.

Once done, it will give you the package name you can use to install.

Updating the package lists

I do this at least once a day. It updates the package lists and versions.

apt-get update

Upgrading the operating system

apt-get upgrade
That will update the packages so your os will be nice and shiny.

That basicly covers it.

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I edited the title from "get-apt" to "apt-get". I assume that was a typo?

Also, some people who like a GUI would appreciate a graphical front end called "synaptic" to apt. To get it, just type "apt-get install synaptic". (Y)

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