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Network Porblems with router.


Haine    0

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my router (d-link 514"wireless"). I have trouble to get it to work with the Internet connection. When I logg on I have to go to a site and write unser and pass. is thid dynamic or static ip?

My network card is a d link to the one I got with the cable-modem.

But I also have a nother network card to a friends computer(a 3com), but Windows xp says that is no problem with anyone of the cards. And on the 3com kcard i have set ip my self to, there I can find my friends C.

Could this confuse my computer?

Have I frogot to do something that you have to? with the settings on 514.

my upp and down speed should be 40-50k but I cant logg in.

Please help and give me id?as!

Thanks in advance.

Henrik (Haine):))

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PseudoRandomDragon    0

You need to setup the router so that it logs on automatically, that means entering username/pass info in the router settings. I suspect you use PPPoE.

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