[NFL] Favre will play next season

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Packers head coach Mike Sherman told the AP that Brett Favre will play next season. Also, Favre's wife is doing better. If you didn't know, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer late year.


In other Packer news, Darren Sharper was released by the Packers today. They were unable to reach a contract agreement.


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I am actually suprised he is returning to be honest. I mean with what was going on with his wife was reason alone. But now he will have a new offensive line protecting him that may not be as good as the one before. Marco Rivera went to the Cowboys and Mike Wahle went to the Panthers, so Farve met get sacked a little more often. But who is say he won't. They may find someone good enough to stop the pass rush. This could hurt Amhan Green too, but this is all speculation. It is good to see a first ballot hall of famer and a classy guy like Favre play one more season.

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