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Me and a few friends are going Paintballing in a couple of days, it's my first time :D .

And i was wondering if any of you guys have ever been? Any tips? What sort of clothing would be best?

Also, i know there are lots of different game types in paintballing, but what do they consist of?


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Well, you have to wear something thick underneath the camo clothing they usually give you, as beleive me being shot with a paintball @ short range is very painful!

And when trying to shoot opposition do not waste ammo for long range shots! They will rarely go near the target and are often blown off course everywhere!

Buy as many paintballs as you can for your first round as you will need them, but, you must try and ration them as a paintball gun can empty many more rounds than you may think.

As for the types of games, there are several, games like capture the flag are commonplace, also fortress setups and games using one man as a "general" were also used frequently where i went, whereby one man has to get to a safe zone, and the opposition must in effect "kill him".

One more tip - always stick together with your team, as if you are caught on your own, you will most likely get shot to pieces, and/or get lost.

Out of interest, where are you going PB?

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I went paintballing about a month ago.

My tips are:

- wear crap shoes, coz they get muddy

- Adhear to all the safety rules even though they may seem trivial *

- If you get shot one too many times in the visor, the paintballs smudge it and you lose all vision, stick ur rifle in the air and get out.

- Stick with your team

- Communicate with team

- If you do get shot once, if no one saw it, you can smudge it off and carry on :D

* About an hour in to it, My gun ran out of gas, then the nozzle got clogged with mud, then I got shot several times in the visor.

I stumbles back to the safe zone, disorientated, with the [clogged gun thats out of gas], but forgot to put the plug on it. The team lost 10 points! Had to do 20 pressups. For the next round I had to wear a fluorescent yellow jacket, so everyone would know who I was!

So just make sure u follow the safety stuff.

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ive been paintballing before aswell :yes: and READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................

WEAR ALOT OF UNDER TO PROTECT YOUR meat and 2 veg :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

its sooooooooooo painfull when you get shot there!!!

it is great fun thow i must admit :woot: :cool: so have fun lads like i did :devil: :p

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