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High FPS CS:S DX81 Autoexec

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MuddyMuDmaN    0

Hey some of you might know, I like to mess around with CS:S autoexecs to try and balance some visual quality with the highest fps possible. The reason for this is pretty simple...basically my vid cards are borderline and I don't like getting lit up in firefights because of a really low framerate. :p

I was trolling through Google last week looking for some cvar ideas and I came across a good cvar listing at some clan site. I wish I could remember where I found it so I could give them some credit, but I haven't been able to find it again. Anyway, I've added a bunch of commands and tweaked the settings to what I think is a pretty nice balance between visual quality and framerate for the hardware impaired! :D

I ran the ingame Video Stress Test with Vsync, FSAA and Anisotropic filtering disabled and here are the results:

DX90 Default - no autoexec.cfg

71.58 - 800x600

53.62 - 1024x768

DX81 Default - no autoexec.cfg

83.10 - 800x600

58.79 - 1024x768

DX81 Hardcore - dx_hardcore cfg

115.70 - 800x600

91.58 - 1024x768

dx81 Ultimate - dx_ultimate cfg

115.64 - 800x600

90.66 - 1024x768

So why do the two custom configs benchmark the same? Well, basically I've made two different flavours of the same config. The hardcore version still shows blood and the bodies after they die while the ultimate version turns off those extras to try and take some load off the CPU. You should notice a slight difference ingame, but it won't show up in the ingame bench.

I also tried to split the config into three sections:

1. The main section contains the standard cvars to raise the framerate.

2. The "Cheats" section is the collection of cvars either Valve or Clan leagues have optionally disabled or outlawed. I just collected them together in this section so they could be deleted or disabled more easily depending on your preference.

3. The "Options" section contains a few cvars that you may or may not want to mess around with. For instance, I use AMD CPUs so I enable r_3dnow but if you have a Pentium 4 CPU, you'd want to enable r_sse2 instead. I'll leave these decisions up to you. :)

Now, I've got to say one last thing: If you have a 9800 Pro or higher and a decent CPU, you probably don't need either of these autoexecs but, of course, you are welcome to try them out. If you are running the bottom end of the DX9 video card scale (or less) ...or feel that you die in game because your framerate is too low, then try them out as they might help you out! :)

As always, have fun and let me know what you think! :happy:

PS. You can find my original post on the subject here. :)

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Oompa    1

Any plans on making a DX9.0 version of this Autoexec.cfg?

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Linkin Park    0

Looks good I'll give em both a try :)

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