Steroids Witch Hunt

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Does anyone else feel that the current steroid scandal is playing out like a bad rendition of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"? It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is "coming out" about steroids, crying witch.

Jim Hasslet just came out and said that he and many other players used steroids during the 1970's when he played on several championship teams with the Pittsburg Steelers. My question is, why do we even care about Jim Hasslet? Why do I even know his name?

Now the Hall of Fame voters are saying that they will NOT vote Mark McGwire into the hall of fame, but somehow Barry Bonds will get the green light? Here is a quote from one of the Hall voters: -"I will not vote for Mark McGwire," Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times said. "It's obvious from his own statements he used some form of performance-enhancing drugs and it's obvious from his statistics he did not become a Hall of Fame-type player until he did so." -

Are you kidding me? McGwire hit 49 HR's his rookie year. You DO NOT need to hit 70 HR's to become a Hall of Famer. Also, Everyone knew that McGwire used Andro, but now it is magically a problem? I mean, didn't bonds also say that he used Steroids, but he just didn't know they were steroids? Did the aforementioned voter forget that little tidbit? Thing is, I don?t know if Big Mac used steroids, and, I don?t care. The home run race between him and Sosa was the most exciting baseball has been since I could remember watching baseball. Baseball needs to be careful, because when your sport isn't exciting, people don't watch it. Has anyone seen Hockey lately? No. There was a strike, because the players think they need more money. Guess what Hockey players; no one watches your sport. So, no one cares about your war for more money. This is what happens when your sport is duller than a knife set bought from K-Mart. This is what baseball was, before the McGuire-Sosa race. Dull, Boring, and losing fans in droves. McGwire saved baseball, and now we are tossing him aside like leftovers for the dog. A real shame.

So, McGwire is playing this out as John Proctor. The tragic hero. Like, Proctor, Big Mac may have done some bad things, but now that Abigail Williams (Jose Canseco) is crying witch, Reverend Paris and Judge Danforth (Hall voters and Congress) are coming to "clean the town of witches". Several players will be playing the role of Elizabeth Proctor, people like Palmero, Tejada, etc. It is only a matter of time before everyone says that they are lying, and we hang them out to dry as well. Holy crap, maybe if we look back far enough, we'll find that Babe Ruth used steroids because he ate nothing but hotdogs and beer, and, when you drink and eat the two in excess, it causes an enzyme in your stomach to produce a substance near to what steroids are, and causes you to do things like Call home run shots, and crank out 700 homers. Yes, we NEED to look into the hot dog scandal. We owe it to the integrity of the sport. I don?t see other players eating hotdogs and drinking at the ball game? I don?t see them calling home runs either. Coincidence? Hmm, I think not!

Speaking of Congress, don't we have a War to fight, or a budget to fix, or Social Security to solve? Why am I paying for congress to talk to baseball players about Steroids?

Just a rant.

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