Trailer Park heads to the ball park

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Mar. 29, 2005. 01:00 AM

Trailer Park heads to the ball park

Bubbles & Co. to toss first pitch `Anything goes' at opener, Jays say



When it comes to throwing out the first pitch and singing the national anthems, Blue Jays home openers have been relatively tame affairs.

That's about to change when the Jays hook up with the Red Sox April 8 to kick off their 2005 home schedule.

The Trailer Park Boys ? Ricky, Julian and Bubbles ? will do the first pitch honours while guitar hero Slash will rip out the anthems, a la Jimmy Hendrix.

"It's entertainment. ... Opening night is partly about the one game in the year where anything goes and this is definitely entertainment," Jays marketing director Laurel Lindsay said.

The boys ? whose tawdry and obscenity-filled lives at fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park have become a cult TV hit ? and Slash are a marked departure from more mainstream celebrities like Eugene Levy and Lorne Michaels, who did the first pitch the past two years.

For one thing, the boys are the only quadruple threat warning Showcase has (the following program contains nudity, sexuality, violence and coarse language).

For another, the anthems won't be sung this time. They'll be played, with plenty of groaning feedback, from Slash, the ex-Guns and Roses axman who is currently touring with Velvet Revolver.

"He said he'd be into it. He's never done a baseball game before. Velvet Revolver is still on tour, but he's coming on his own just to do this,'' Lindsay said.

The boys, meanwhile, are on a cross-country tour to promote their fifth season.


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