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[UK only] Looking for an LCD or Plasma TV!

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Iain    0

Looking for the best deals obviously, and what would people recommend? No size or anything in mind, and 1k is the MAX. Nothing over that.

Can anyone help?

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SonComet    0

I don't know how much these things cost in the UK, but you can never go wrong with a panasonic industrial model plasma. You can get a 42" EDTV model here for about $1800-1900 pretty easily (I am guessing that that is pretty close to 1000 pounds). Although the current panasonics are 7th generation and the 8th generation consumer models are coming out, so I wouldn't be surprised if 8th gen industrial models are here soon. Panasonic makes the best plasmas (pioneers are just as good for color, but have bad black levels and visual noise issues). I hate all current lcd tvs so I can't recommend one to you (I despise the black level and color performance on even sharp's models).

Edit: Also, don't be fooled by hd plasmas from non-name brands for low prices. They often produce much worse pictures than high-quality ED models due to the fact that a picture is made up of more than just resolution.

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